Surfboard Raffle 2021

Our Summer 2021 Competition to  Win a 9’6″ Firewire Flexflight TimberTek Longboard is now closed.

The lucky winners will be chosen at random today at YMCA Cornwall (30/9/21) and we will contact them using the email or telephone number provided. Anonymous details will be posted on this page when all winners have been informed.

Only £1 per ticket.


Runner-up prizes generously donated include:

– Snorkel Safari with Scuba-Ry
– 5 x 42″ foam bodyboards
– Surf illustration posters designed by Lizzy Thomas Davies
– A box of  Fresh Cornish Fish from Newlyn posted to your door – as featured on BBC programmes “This Fishing Life” and James Martin’s “Islands to Highlands”!

Every ticket you buy helps YMCA Cornwall to support vulnerable young people who are homeless or at risk.

Raffle will be drawn on 30 September 2021.

You must be aged 16 or over to buy a ticket.

UK entries only, prizes cannot be shipped outside the UK.

Full terms and conditions below.



FIRST PRIZE: 9’6” x 23” x 3 ¼” Firewire Flexflight TimberTek longboard

Flexflights are true high-performance longboards, incorporating the increased dampening and squirt through turns as a result of TimberTek Technology’s flex characteristics; which eliminate the chatter of a longer board while increasing overall speed, never mind the 30% weight saving and increased strength over regular “PU”.



  • More durable than other surfboard manufacturing processes
  • For 90% of surfers they will improve your surfing
  • TimberTek construction combines a lightweight EPS core with sustainably grown wood deck skins
  • Firewire’s proven parabolic rail construction gives them an addictive ‘pop’ and return


Snorkel Safari with Scuba-Ry

Test yourself, come snorkeling with Scuba Ry for a glimpse into another world. A world where time, light, sound travel differently compared to being on land. A world that has been less explored than the surface of the moon. A world where the creatures that live there are almost alien. A world right on your doorstep! Scuba Ry is an independent Marine Biologist & Marine Conservationist who offers Rock pool Rambles, Snorkel Tours and Scuba Diving Experiences. Working with Atlantic Scuba in Penryn, Scuba Ry and his team will take you on an exciting adventure where you can get up close and personal with this mysterious yet fascinating world we call the Ocean.

Terms & Conditions

The Surfboard Raffle 2021 is operated by YMCA Cornwall (Charity Number 1073674, Registered in England Number 3684583 and registered office address International House, The Orchard, Alverton, Penzance TR18 4TE).

All profits from the Surfboard Raffle 2021 will be donated to YMCA Cornwall to provide supported housing for vulnerable young people in Cornwall.

The person responsible within YMCA Cornwall for the promotion of the Surfboard Raffle 2021 is David Hall-Davies, CEO, YMCA Cornwall, International House, The Orchard, Alverton, Penzance TR18 4TE.

Odds of winning a prize

Your odds of winning a prize per Raffle Ticket purchased are:

  • Odds of winning the top prize are 2,000:1
  • Odds are estimates based on selling 2,000 raffle tickets during the period May to September 2021.



Key Terms

The information set out below is a summary of our key terms for information purposes only. This does not replace the full terms and conditions set out below. In the event of any conflict between this summary and the full terms and conditions, the full terms and conditions will apply.

  • You must be 16 years of age or older and meet the other eligibility and verification criteria to purchase a Raffle Ticket or receive a Prize.
  • Each Raffle Ticket will be sold for £1.
  • Applications for Raffle Tickets received after 12:00 noon on 30 September 2021 will not be entered into the Surfboard Raffle 2021 and the payment for such Raffle Tickets will be treated as a donation to YMCA Cornwall unless you expressly state otherwise on your application for such Raffle Ticket(s).
  • The Prizes for the Draw are: Firewire Flexflight TimberTek 9’6” longboard (1st Prize); Limited Edition prints by Lizzie Thomas Davies (runners up prizes); box of Fresh Cornish Fish; additional prizes will be listed on YMCA Cornwall’s Surfboard Competition web page when donated.
  • Any complaints or disputes will be first handled by customer care team with a right to appeal to the Independent Betting Arbitration Service.


  • ‘Surfboard Raffle 2021′ means the lotteries, which consist of the Main Draw operated by YMCA Cornwall
  • ‘Closing Date’ means 12.00 noon on 30 September 2021
  • ‘Prize’ means any of the prizes as set out in Key Terms
  • ‘Raffle Ticket’ means a ticket purchased for the Surfboard Raffle 2021, whether in person, online or by telephone
  • ‘Ticket Holder’ means a person who holds a Raffle Ticket in accordance with these terms and conditions

Entry Conditions

  1. To be eligible to purchase a Raffle Ticket a person must:
    a) be 16 years of age or over;
    b) located in the UK; and
    c) comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. A Raffle Ticket will be entered into the Surfboard Raffle 2021 if:
    a) an application for such Raffle Ticket is received by YMCA Cornwall before the Closing Date; and
    b) payment for such application is received by YMCA Cornwall before the Closing Date.
  3. Each Raffle Ticket will be sold for £1.
  4. YMCA Cornwall may, at its sole discretion, refuse to sell a Raffle Ticket to any person without giving reasons.
  5. A Raffle Ticket may not be transferred from a person listed as the owner of the respective Raffle Ticket on YMCA Cornwall’s records to another person.
  6. We will process your personal data securely to manage your entry into the raffle. We will not use your details for marketing communications that you haven’t agreed to receive. Should you change your mind about whether to receive that information from us or how you’re contacted by us for marketing purposes, let us know by calling us on 01736 334820

Underage purchases

  1. By purchasing a Raffle Ticket you confirm that you are 16 years or older at the date when you purchased the Raffle Ticket. If YMCA Cornwall determines that a Ticket Holder is under the age of 16 at the date the Raffle Ticket was purchased, the Ticket Holder shall not be entitled to any Prize and YMCA Cornwall will return to the Ticket Holder the amount paid by them the Raffle Ticket(s).
  2. YMCA Cornwall reserves the right to verify the age of any person seeking to purchase a Raffle Ticket or a Ticket Holder, at any time (including after a Raffle Ticket has been purchased), by requesting such proof of age as YMCA Cornwall may require.


  1. By purchasing, or attempting to purchase, a Raffle Ticket, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. Payment by post: payment for a Raffle Ticket can be made by cash, cheque or credit/debit card. Charities Aid Foundation vouchers or other charity vouchers cannot be accepted as payment for Raffle Tickets.
  3. Payment by phone: payment for a Raffle Ticket can be made by credit/debit card.
  4. YMCA Cornwall accepts no responsibility if the chosen method of payment is cancelled by you, your bank or credit/debit card provider.
  5. A person may not purchase more than £100 of Raffle Tickets unless approved by YMCA Cornwall upon special request. For approval please contact Kate Jarvis, Fundraising Officer

Telephone Entries

  1. Telephone entries are valid once the payment has been processed. If payment is successful you will receive numbers for your Raffle Tickets by post.

Closing Date

  1. The Closing Date for the Surfboard Raffle 2021 is 12.00 noon on 30 September 2021.
  2. Applications for Raffle Tickets received after the Closing Date will not be entered into the Surfboard Raffle 2021.
  3. Any payment for Raffle Tickets received after the Closing Date will be treated as a donation to YMCA Cornwall unless you expressly state otherwise on your application for such Raffle Ticket(s).

The Draw

  1. The Main Draw will take place on 30 September 2021.
  2. Raffle Tickets will be drawn randomly.
  3. The result of the Draw is final.

The Prizes

  1. The Ticket Holder of the first Raffle Ticket drawn will win the Firewire Flexflight TimberTek 9’6” longboard.
  2. The Ticket Holder of the next 5 Raffle Tickets drawn will receive a Limited Edition print of Lizzy Thomas Davies artwork.
  3. The Ticket Holder of approx. 10 runner up Raffle Tickets drawn will receive one of smaller prizes which will be listed on our website when donated, including a box of Fresh Cornish Fish posted to a UK address and 5 x 42″ bodyboards.
  4. The Prize described above at 21 shall be referred to as the ‘First Prize’.

Payment of Prizes

  1. All prize winners will be notified by telephone or email.
  2. All Prizes are non-transferable and no alternatives will be provided.
  3. A complete list of winners of Prizes will be available from October 2021 by calling our Fundraising Department on 01736 334820.
  4. YMCA Cornwall reserves the right to request proof of identity from any person who claims a Prize.
  5. A person shall not be eligible to receive a Prize if they do not satisfy the criteria at Clause 1a)-(c).
  6. YMCA Cornwall reserves the right to withhold or refuse payment of any Prize if YMCA Cornwall has reasonable grounds to believe that these terms and conditions have been breached in any way.
  7. If a Prize is transferred to a person who is not eligible to receive the Prize, the Prize shall be repayable or returned (as applicable) by that person to YMCA Cornwall on demand.
  8. By entering the Surfboard Raffle 2021 if you win a Prize you agree to YMCA Cornwall using your first name on the YMCA Cornwall, and by agreement social media, to promote the raffle.

Unclaimed Prizes

  1. All Prizes must be claimed no later than 180 days from the date of the Draw.
  2. Any Prizes which remain unclaimed after 180 days from the date of the Draw shall be forfeited and donated to YMCA Cornwall.

Limitation of Liability

  1. The liability of YMCA Cornwall to any Ticket Holder shall be limited to the amount of any Prize(s) which is due to that Ticket Holder.
  2. YMCA Cornwall shall not be liable:
    a) to any person for the YMCA Cornwall inability to contact you and/or award any Prize due to any errors or omissions in the details you provide or your failure to update these details if they change;
    b) for any interest of whatever nature claimed by person in a lost or stolen Raffle Ticket;
    c) any matter beyond YMCA Cornwall’s reasonable control.
  3. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of YMCA Cornwall for:
    a) death or personal injury resulting from negligence;
    b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
    c) issues arising from gambling; or
    c) any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.


  1. Should you have a complaint, please contact Fundraising Officer, YMCA Cornwall, International House, The Orchard, Alverton, Penzance TR18 4TE.
  2. If for any reason you are not satisfied with how YMCA Cornwall has resolved your complaint, you may decide that the matter be referred for adjudication by the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (“IBAS”).  IBAS can be contacted as below:
    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7347 5883
    Adjudication Form:

Further Information

  1. If you would like more information about raffles and lotteries please go to:
  2. If you are worried about your gambling or that of someone close to you, GamCare is the UK’s leading authority on the provision of support, advice and counselling to people affected by gambling problems. If you or someone you know needs help or advice call their helpline 0808 8020 133 or visit GamCare.

Governing Law

  1. These terms and conditions are governed the laws of England.
  2. Subject to your right to use an alternative dispute resolution provider as set out at Clause 39, each party agrees that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation.