Mullion Consultation Feedback

Feedback received by email and post regarding the Mullion online consultation will be published on this page.

Names and addresses are confidential and some personal / identifying details have also been withheld.

“Re: 7 units for young people.
I think this project is a wonderful idea and will be a great asset to Mullion and The Lizard Peninsula providing a much needed helping hand to young people trying to establish their independence. Well done!”


“Re, Mullion YMCA building development.
I see no reason in principle why this development should not go ahead, providing it remains at the proposed size.
With regards to parking, there is some unrestricted adjacent on road parking, and two free (donation) within easy walking distance, car-parks in the village. I therefore support the proposal.”


“To whom it may concern,
I would be extremely happy for the YMCA in Mullion to be converted for use as affordable, rented accommodation for young people. There is such a lack of this type of accommodation in the area and many young people are unable to move from home. I believe giving people this start could really help although I am doubtful that 2 years would be enough time for any young person to be able to afford to move on due to the lack of affordable rents and sky high house prices. I still believe that this will undoubtably be an asset to the village and in keeping with the YMCA ethos.”


so theses flats that are getting built, can you 100 percent reasure Mullion village that theses flats are going to be for local people ie  youngsters  when I say local I mean lizards million helston Ryuan minor coverack etc . Not penzance truro and other not so local areas .  And that theses flats are not going to be the same half way house as you have on penzance thankyou”

     YMCA Cornwall response:
“We can publicly guarantee that YMCA developed flats in Mullion are specifically intended for the younger generation of Mullion and/or those with a local connection who have been forced to move away due to the unaffordable nature of current properties in Mullion. These flats are not a halfway house and though they are aimed at the younger generation we will consider any age as the term younger generation is a guideline only and no time limit on tenure is intended”.


“Hi there,
I am writing on behalf of my mum… Although she appreciates the need for local affordable housing for Mullion’s youngsters she has some serious concerns. These are as follows:

Parking – noted that the original plan has been changed, however any reversing whatsoever into the main road on this blind bend is very dangerous and the on street parking that occurs already makes coming out of the private lane from Willis Vean onto the highway absolutely lethal. Cars park right up to the junction of the lane and the highway and therefore it is impossible to see cars coming from the left without edging out blindly. It is an accident waiting to happen. At the moment there is some illegal parking opposite the youth club at the old gallery, but that has planning permission on it and will cease to be available very soon. The village car parks are not close to the development and realistically are not going to be used. Removing the car spaces out of the plan does not remove the issue of where these extra cars are going to be parked?

Although not opposed to the spirit of the development per se, squashing up to 16 youngsters into 7 flats – several of which are smaller than government guidelines suggest, is excessive in such a small building. This is probably not good for the mental health of these youngsters to be squashed in a small space either. If the proposal was for 4 flats with up to 8 youngsters it would be more appropriate and less of a concern re: potential anti- social behaviour and congestion of cars in the vicinity. This area of the village, so close to the local primary school and surgery, (already very busy) can’t take that level of congestion safely.

There appears to be no supervision mentioned in the plans and as some of these youngsters may come from stressed backgrounds (according to your proposal) and could be only 16 years of age, this is a major concern. These could be vulnerable individuals and they deserve support themselves and the community/neighbours deserve the back up of that support.

Employment prospects – Mullion is extremely rural, with limited employment opportunities, no entertainment facilities and very fragmented transport links. Again, trying to cram 16 young people into such a small space will exacerbate all these issues. It just isn’t a sustainable number.

Noise – with no supervision, what guarantees can you make that there won’t be excessive levels of noise/potential parties? What are the conditions of the tenancy?

I hope that you will re-consider the number of flats and bring this down to a more sustainable number for the youngsters to live in a healthy, happy environment, with some level of supervision and/or support and that the village will be more able to absorb through it’s infrastructure and facilities. Thank you.”


“Good afternoon
Would you please consider the following objections I have to the above property development:

Mullion is not a suitable village for young people (under 45!)to live. The village lacks facilities for the young. There are no employment opportunities therefore they will have to travel, by car (not carbon friendly) or public transport which is infrequent.

The pavement that runs along the YMCA site is the only Cornwall Council pavement on this piece of road and has a large footfall of pedestrians using it for the school, the Doctors and the Co-op.  It is my belief that cars parked on the site will be of danger to all pedestrians using the pavement as will they will have to go over the pavement to access their parking space.

I ask the question why would you House young people in this village where there is nothing for them and without supervision. I understand the property you have in Penzance is constantly being visited by the police and you have a police station in the town whereas in Mullion we are covered by a police from Camborne or Falmouth several miles away so if trouble did break out it would take over 30 minutes before the police could attend.

On another point I cannot forgive you for the way you closed the nursery and other businesses on this site an awful lot of villagers really miss those facilities.  As you were so uncaring just shutting them down I do not trust you to oversee the residents of the new development and make sure they fit in with the community. Do you intent to dump them on us and walk away?

I could go on and raise other points but you probably won’t take any notice of my concerns, your passed actions regarding the above prove this.I would ask you in the nicest possible way, please sell the YMCA property in Mullion and use the money to buy a suitable property with surrounding facilities, like job opportunities and transport to accommodate the young people that you want to help.