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Please support our future

Since the beginning over 100 years ago, YMCA Cornwall has relied on the generosity of its supporters to be able to help young people who for many different reasons have found themselves isolated on the edge of society.

Some young people find a home here at the YMCA and receive help with essential life skills, building confidence and self-esteem. Others come to our sports and youth clubs to find a safe and relaxed place to socialise and to try different learning programmes. The emphasis here is on patience, understanding and support, providing a secure, stable environment, free from fear, anxiety or despair where youngsters can develop an active and responsible interest in what the future has to offer and take their own lives into their own hands.

Can you make a donation

Every donation no matter how small, will help give young people a future. Most youngsters arrive here with no possessions and no money – £10 would buy the essentials such as soap and teabags to start setting up their new home. Remember you can make your donations go further by filling out a Gift Aid form. The only requirement is that you are a UK taxpayer. For more information on Gift Aid please contact us and we will be happy to explain it to you.



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