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Housing & Housing Support

Housing advice

YMCA Cornwall is at the forefront of housing provision, helping to house disadvantaged young people throughout the county. Our housing advice service is free, confidential and independent. We have experienced housing advice workers to help with housing problems.

We can offer specialist advice to young people who find themselves homeless or rough sleeping, people who have to leave home or people who just wish to leave home. We can also offer advice on rent problems, housing benefit problems, tenancies, landlord/tenant disputes, illegal evictions or harassment.

Please note that our advice is a general guide to housing and benefits and not a full and authoritative statement of the law. We make every effort to make sure that the information we give is correct and up to date.

Appletree House and Cherrytree House

YMCA Cornwall manages Appletree House on behalf of YMCA England and Cherrytree House on behalf of DCH. Appletree and Cherrytree Houses provide supported accommodation for homeless people, aged between 16 and 25 years, who are unable to live in independent accommodation. It is not emergency accommodation. The two houses provide 22 units of self-contained accommodation in studio or one-bedroom flats. The project aims to support and guide young people towards independent living. It is possible to stay for up to two years. Support is then provided to find permanent accommodation and additional continuing support is offered to ensure the move is a successful one.

Move-on Flats

The YMCA support 12 tenants living in DCH flats allocated to the YMCA in April 2004 and used for ‘move on’ accommodation. These flats are sited in different housing estates in Penzance and Camborne. The 12 flats are part of a final ‘stepping stone’ process between supported housing and completely independent living – ideal for those young people who may just need some extra short term support.

How to access the service

Referrals can be made by contacting reception at YMCA Cornwall on 01736 334820. Contact us directly or through other statutory/voluntary agencies. If the referral criteria are met an interview will be arranged. This will be an opportunity to meet with project staff and discuss support needs in greater detail. The applicant will receive verbal and written notification of the outcome of this assessment.


The aim of the Resettlement Service is to enable young residents to develop a variety of independent living skills and to build on skills they already have. The resettlement worker and the client together identify a support package, based on the client’s needs. Areas covered include preparation for the move, moving in and follow-up support to maintain accommodation.

The advice can also be accessed by anyone who is looking for accommodation or anyone who has found accommodation and feels they need some support.

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