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Why Counselling?

There are times when life can seem very complicated and confusing, when it feels like we’ve ‘lost the plot’ and don’t know where we are going. We may find that how we have coped in the past no longer works and have to find a new way. Perhaps we are unhappy or confused and nothing seems to make us feel any better.

What is Counselling?

Friends and family can help us up to a point, whereas a counsellor is someone who has no other role in your life but to help you explore, in confidence, the issues that are worrying you. The counsellor will not judge you or tell you what to do but will respect you as an individual and encourage you to find your way and move on with your life.

People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons – stress and anxiety, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, abuse, low self-esteem, living with illness or disability, loss, addictions or simply feeling unhappy.

We believe in equality of opportunity. This means we will not judge people for their race, religion, sexuality, disability, class or lifestyle.

Who can benefit?

You don’t have to bring a problem. Often just feeling down, confused or worried can affect your relationships, work or social life. Talking in confidence with someone can help you evolve your own ideas and solutions to find ways to move forward. We can also help you make contact with other sources of help if that is needed.

Who are we?

We are a counselling service offering counselling to young people aged 14+, seeking help and support. This confidential one to one service is accessible through, but independent, from the YMCA.

I’ve never had counselling before; what happens?

Many people feel apprehensive when talking to a counsellor for the first time. As counsellors we are familiar with many of the ways in which things go wrong for people but most of all we respect each person as a unique individual. We aim to help and support you to find more effective ways of coping, allowing you to live your life.

What happens when I ask to see a counsellor?

You can make the request through your Support Worker/Youth Leader/Doctor or other agency. You will be asked to indicate the best way to contact you to arrange an appointment. You will then be contacted discreetly by a member of the counselling team to arrange the first session. The first session will be used to get to know your counsellor, learn more about how things will work and make sure counselling is right for you. For further information on this service please click here, or view and print this information in leaflet or poster format.

How do I make contact?

For a referral form, e-mail; or Download here.

You can return the completed form to that address, or send it in the post to:

YMCA Cornwall
The Orchard
TR18 4TE

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