Rent Bursary Scheme

Young people today are disproportionately affected by low pay, seasonal work and zero-hours contracts. Many do not know how many hours they will be working each month, how much they will earn and whether they will have enough money to pay their bills and rent.

Our residents who are still in full-time education or not yet in work for other reasons receive Housing Benefit that covers the full cost of both their rent and the additional support provided by our housing team.

However, when they start work, residents become responsible for these payments out of typically low earnings at a time when their benefits are reduced and other bills and travel costs increase. As a result, many fail to make ends meet and fall into debt, becoming trapped with no hope of breaking the cycle.

A severe shortage of affordable private-rented and social housing has resulted in an increased need for bursary payments as it takes our young people longer to find suitable move-on accommodation.

At YMCA Cornwall we know that by giving a small grant when it’s needed the most, we can remove immediate financial barriers and help young people gain employment and be able to afford to work. Our short-term rent bursary provides financial support for residents who have found employment but are in need of additional help to remain living in supported accommodation and save for a rent deposit.

With your help we can give a young person the opportunity to take the next step towards independent living – click here to donate today.